Joe Woods Published February 28, 2014

All too often, and with good reason, we look to the examples of the best in the business; Amazon, Apple, Zappos, pick your leader. But how do we get there and what does this really mean?

Joe Woods Published December 20, 2013

hybris ups the game on omni-channel solutions with their latest release of version 5.1. Read more on Joe Woods thoughts..

Sarah Eccleston Published December 10, 2013
I OS7-i Beacon 670

When Apple released details of the iOS7 in June this year, they announced that iBeacon would be supported as part of the SDK (Software Development Kit).

For those unaware of its capability, iBeacon is an indoor positioning system which is essentially a development of Bluetooth technology. Apple describes iBeacon as "a new class of low-powered, low-cost transmitters that can notify nearby iOS 7 devices of their presence”. The significance of these signal receivers for retail becomes apparent when we think about their ability to broadcast to large areas and deliver personalized messages on cue.

Sarah Eccleston Published December 10, 2013

A TNS study which looked at shopping behaviors across 43 countries suggested that 21% of shoppers are using smartphones in-store to ‘showroom’, 31% compare prices, 43% read reviews and 25% seek advice from family and friends before they buy.

Showrooming has put the fear of God into many retailers.

Sarah Eccleston Published December 10, 2013

Mobile technology is the biggest driver of today’s ‘connected consumer’ and Deloitte estimates that in 2014, mobile devices will account for 14% of all in store sales. They also suggest that by 2020, the physical store will evolve into a showroom, with the single purpose of facilitating the research of a product before purchase.